I was in my Facebook news feed today when I saw the most incredible ad. I love writing and had been thinking of a way to help others get their content out to the world in the form of blogs and books. The ad I saw was a sponsored post promoting this very idea.

I thought “Interesting. Since I’m thinking about doing the same thing, maybe I should take a look to get an idea of how others are doing it.

I didn’t click the ad… almost instinctively, I clicked into the search bar and entered his name. That’s when I paused and thought about my actions. I said to myself, “I need to write about this”. I had just practiced rule #1 of the Unspoken Bro Code for Marketers. Instinctively, I have established 10 Rules for myself that I’m sure other marketers follow. As pro’s, there are many things we do out of respect for our marketing brethren and sistren. So this is the marketing code of ethics that no one really talks about… BUT WE KNOW!!!  [eye wink] [head nod]

#1 Thou shalt not click on thy brothers ad

As marketers, sometimes we come across ads so good that even we are enticed to click on them. But if just curious, and not really interested in the product, don’t click on your brother’s ad. Kindly use the search feature in Facebook or scroll down to the organic content on Google. Clicking on your brethren’s ad and not making a purchase is unethical.

#2 If thy must steal from thy brother, give him credit

As creatives, we find inspiration everywhere. So if your brother inspires you, be sure to give him credit.

#3 Thou shalt not report to Google

If you see your brother doing something Google doesn’t like, don’t report him. Google is smart, they will find him. Instead, you should advise your brother, less he gets penalized.

#4 Thou shalt be willing to share

If your brother posts some good content, share it with your audience or give him a shout out on your blog. Never keep good content to yourself.

#5 Do not covet your neighbors’ audience

If you have a small audience, don’t ask your neighbor who has a much larger audience to do you a favor. Make sure your request is mutually beneficial.

#6 Honor thy brother and sister and your marketing days shall be longer

There’s nothing worse than being treated like a fool by other marketers. I hate getting cold emails and DM’s from marketers that need my help more than I need theirs. If you’re trying to swoon me with gimmicks, I’m sure you’re treating your customers the same. They will eventually figure you out and it will kill all repeat business. As Bob Dylon once said, “he who is not busy being born is busy dying”.

When will you learn?

#7 Do not put a stumbling block in front of your neighbor

As marketers, we enforce barriers to alleviate competition. But when you see someone working really hard, you have to throw them a bone or two. This has been done for me. It’s difficult to watch eagles swim.

#8 Revere thy forefathers 

There were people before us that paved the way. Smart marketers don’t become proud or arrogant. As Thomas Edison once said, “start where the last man left off”.

Learn from your fathers, build from their work… don’t despise them.

#9 Do not engage in conflict

People always like to say “competition is good”. It’s not. Microsoft and Google lost positioning to Apple during their war on docs (e.g. Office and Drive) and the battle of search (e.g. Google and Bing). This propelled Apple to become the most valuable company in the world. As marketers, there should be a clear contrast between good and bad practices.

The bro’s (and sis’s) who follow this code should find ways to work together and not against one another. And this brings us to #10…

#10 Thou shalt keep this ordinance

This is the Unspoken Bro Code for Marketers. We all know it and SHALT KEEP IT!!!

Did I leave anything out?