Why Should You Care?

I’m Larry C. Lewis, also known as the “Rambo of Marketing”, the one you hear about kicking butt on the Internet. I’m also a die-hard Ohio State fan, writer, and historian.

Professionally, I’ve worked behind the scenes for well-known brands such as Waldorf Astoria and B&B Theaters. After a while I became weary of living some CEO’s dream. The work I was doing wasn’t mines, it belonged to the portfolio of others. I had dreams of my own, plans–cool ideas I wanted to see become a reality some day. But I was stuck — comfortable with a salary but hating my situation.

I felt guilty. I owed my family more. I owed myself more. I owed the world more. My potential was going to waste. I was living another’s dream while mine was dying. So I said screw it… It’s now or never. I made the decision to jump.

It was scary, a fear I avoided  by making excuses for myself. But when I took that leap, I realized, it wasn’t that bad. It started out rough $$$, but I was happy :):):). There are some things I could’ve done differently, but the important thing is “I did it!” I was no longer living in someone else’s bubble, selling out on my dreams to make other’s come true. I had my own dream, and you’re reading it.

My ideas were incarcerated… safeguarded, dictated by large corporations. I wanted to express myself. I knew my gift could be a great blessing to others, but I was restrained by my own mental prison — the beast better-known as procrastination. I knew I had to stop it. And it starts here!